The World’s First
Social Media Dragon Hunt

After four seasons of record-breaking social media engagement, ‘Game of Thrones’ needed to once again rally the Realm and generate unprecedented excitement for the Season Five premiere.

To achieve this, HBO completely gamified Twitter with a first‑of‑its‑kind, interactive, social dragon hunt. On premiere day, HBO leveraged a popular Season Four cliffhanger and enlisted fans to #CatchDrogon, Daenerys Targaryen's fiercest and most elusive dragon. Watch the video to relive the hunt.

Single Day Results

In just one day, #CatchDrogon captivated the world, achieving more than one billion impressions and leading to the highest rated episode in series history.

1 Billion
#CatchDrogon Tweets
Trended Nationally
within 2 hours
on Twitter & Facebook
New Social Followers
Highest Rated Episode
In Series History
The Rules Were Simple

To play, fans simply needed to lure Drogon in with bait (either from our Giphy 'Bait Shop' or from their own creations), wait for him to appear, and try to Retweet him before HBO made the post disappear and he flew away. Lucky fans who captures the beast won exclusive gear and props from the show.

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